Repeater Commands

Repeater – Commands

This repeater is open to all licensed Amateur radio operators. I expect everyone to follow Part 97 when operating via my repeater. I do not believe in having extra special rules like many repeater owners do. Above all common courtesy (part of the FCC rules) is primarily what everyone should use, here and everywhere. This repeater is often connected to a system of ~90+ repeaters called the ‘WIN System‘.

Time Out Timer –

  • Time out (system) is set to 10 minutes for all/any transmissions (please allow carrier to Drop for at least a fraction of a second every few mins -<10)
  • The carrier can drop from either end to reset the timer – This is currently not adjustable, beyond 10 mins.

Allstar Link Access

  • Status ” *70 ” Gives current status of connected nodes.
  • Disconnect ” *1+node number ” ex: *12560 to disonnect from WIN system or “disconnect all ” *71 ” (ONLY used if necessary)
  • Connect Listen only/monitor ” *2+node number ” (can join multiple nodes)
  • Connect Tx/Rx (2-way) ” *3+node number ” (can join multiple nodes) ex: *32560 to rejoin WIN system.

Allstar Link to WIN System normally connected from 0400 to 0200 hours.

AutoPatch Commands

  • Place call with ” *6+1+Area+Number ” *911 works*    *6911

    ***NOTE: 10 minute time out timer applies to 911 calls too***

  • Disconnect call  ” *0 “
  • You can reach my home phone by dialing ” *6111″ – if I am not on the air…
  • Please disconnect from WIN system etc before placing any calls. ” *71 ” disconnects all links.

Courtesy Tones: explained

  • One single tone – Low Frequency – when someone un-keys from network (win system) or other node (440hz)~
  • Two tones Low/High – Local traffic that is going over the network (connected to another node). (500,750hz)~
  • Three beeps – Connected listen only to another node – only local users will hear you, but you still hear the other node(s), connected. – this happens primarily when I am testing… (1760hz)
  • Four beeps – Local connection only – the node is not connected to any other nodes (1000,800,600,1500hz)
  • No Tone (Auto Patch) – Please note system timeout is 10Minutes – if you exceed this on the patch, the call stays connected, but you will not hear it… (working on a way to reset)


Scripts – See my scripts page for Allstar –

  • Weather info for almost any zipcode in the USA!
  • Check your signal strength – dial   *C   – to hear the RSSI, best between 85.0 to 99.9% | 50% is the squelch threshold.
  • Other scripts as I continue to work on them…


Any Questions please email me.

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