Bend, Oregon repeater on 444.45 Mhz PL 162.2 hz. Located on Long Butte. (East side)



**** Effective July 12 2018 ****

HIGHLY recommend ANALOG users enable Tone SQ on your radio!!!!
Added TX PL of 100.0 / RX PL is still 162.2

Added Digital capability…
Following modes: are enabled, these trade off with each use, after a short time ~ a min of inactivity of any mode, and the repeater will listen for any of the following…
Goes for local and Network, some modes may get disabled if they are never used.
If there is interest in any of these modes let me know. If you can test the Untested modes, let me know if it works, if you find any issues.

DMR – Fully supported – Working. (Color Code 1) Time Slot 1 & 2 available
DSTAR – Supported – unknown if it works… who’s got a D* radio to try it out?
FUSION – Yaesu Fusion – Wires X is working.
P25 – Untested
NXDN – Untested

To switch from Analog to digital, just start using the mode of your choice, if that mode fails to connect, the repeater maybe in another mode currently… This will time out if activity drops off for a short time.

Effective May 11 2018
Power output is @~ 96W using ~3W drive to Henry Amp.
Added a preamp for RX.
Upgraded to Kenwood TKR850 radio.

Kenwood TKR850 repeater.

Effective Dec 23 2016:

Output power reduced to approximately 40W until TBD.


Effective Nov 2016:

While disconnected from other nodes, you can check your signal strength by dialing *C
Hold the PTT for approximately 1 second.

Value for best performance should be >85%. Maximum reading is 99.9%.

Echo test (no it’s not echo link) Dial *88 -> Talk -> Release PTT -> Listen.



DTMF Commands here:


  • Comet GP-9 N
  • Gain: 11.9 dBi
  • Height at base ~30′
  • Feedline – 1/2″ Hardline @ 50′ <1db loss est.


  • Kenwood TM-V71A’s Rx/Tx – 5W.
  • Henry Amplifier C100D02R 5W ~115W out.
  • Advanced Receiver Research Preamp ~(+16db).
  • TX/RX systems 28-66-02A ~100db isolation ~0.6db insertion loss


  • URI – USB radio interface – Allstar
  • Tripp Lite UPS
  • 30A Samlex power supply 30A Cont (x2).


  • Intel Atom CPU @ ~1.8ghz w/2GB ram with 32GB SSD *NO FAN*
  • O/S Debian – Allstar – DIAL – Node 27038
  • Auto-Patch – (10 min Time out Timer) – VOIP *NOW with 911 access*
  • New Scripts added:

Weather by zip code – These scripts will play back weather information based on zip code entered.

*97, *96, *95

example: getting weather for Redmond, Oregon – Current conditions.


Extended forecast for Bend, Oregon


These scripts will work for *MOST* zip codes in the USA.


Packet Loss/Network quality



Signal Check.


Then hold the PTT for 1-2 seconds after pressing C




 September 10 Presentation Link PDF
 Effective July 7 2015:
Repeater is now running with TM-V71A’s tx/rx –
with Henry C100D02R Amplifier @ approx. 115W out of the duplexer.





Effective April 30 2015: 

Repeater is now back in operation 444.450 + pl 162.2  – The system has been upgraded with 1/2″ Hardline + Comet GP-9 N (see below). 

Tested Coverage (Apr 30) from Hwy 20 E to MP 48 – was able to access (low power) & hear on HT til ~ MP 30. “Coverage North to South as far as Madras, and La Pine”



Dec 7th 2014: – Now @ 30′ elevation above ground.

June 26th, 2014: 

Update – Repeater is Now located on the East side of Long Butte (Thanks to John Cherry KE7GYB for hosting)

Listen Live:




Repeater PDF

Special thanks to KC7RJK for his knowledge/expertise and work on tuning/aligning the duplexer.