Bend, Oregon repeater on 444.45 Mhz PL 162.2 hz. Located on Long Butte. (East side)


Effective May 11 2018
Power output is @~ 96W using ~3W drive to Henry Amp.
Added a preamp for RX.
Upgraded to Kenwood TKR850 radio.

Kenwood TKR850 repeater.

Effective Dec 23 2016:

Output power reduced to approximately 40W until TBD.


Effective Nov 2016:

While disconnected from other nodes, you can check your signal strength by dialing *C
Hold the PTT for approximately 1 second.

Value for best performance should be >85%. Maximum reading is 99.9%.

Echo test (no it’s not echo link) Dial *88 -> Talk -> Release PTT -> Listen.



DTMF Commands here:


  • Comet GP-9 N
  • Gain: 11.9 dBi
  • Height at base ~30′
  • Feedline – 1/2″ Hardline @ 50′ <1db loss est.


  • Kenwood TM-V71A’s Rx/Tx – 5W.
  • Henry Amplifier C100D02R 5W ~115W out.
  • Advanced Receiver Research Preamp ~(+16db).
  • TX/RX systems 28-66-02A ~100db isolation ~0.6db insertion loss


  • URI – USB radio interface – Allstar
  • Tripp Lite UPS
  • 30A Samlex power supply 30A Cont (x2).


  • Intel Atom CPU @ ~1.8ghz w/2GB ram with 32GB SSD *NO FAN*
  • O/S Debian – Allstar – DIAL – Node 27038
  • Auto-Patch – (10 min Time out Timer) – VOIP *NOW with 911 access*
  • New Scripts added:

Weather by zip code – These scripts will play back weather information based on zip code entered.

*97, *96, *95

example: getting weather for Redmond, Oregon – Current conditions.


Extended forecast for Bend, Oregon


These scripts will work for *MOST* zip codes in the USA.


Packet Loss/Network quality



Signal Check.


Then hold the PTT for 1-2 seconds after pressing C




 September 10 Presentation Link PDF
 Effective July 7 2015:
Repeater is now running with TM-V71A’s tx/rx –
with Henry C100D02R Amplifier @ approx. 115W out of the duplexer.





Effective April 30 2015: 

Repeater is now back in operation 444.450 + pl 162.2  – The system has been upgraded with 1/2″ Hardline + Comet GP-9 N (see below). 

Tested Coverage (Apr 30) from Hwy 20 E to MP 48 – was able to access (low power) & hear on HT til ~ MP 30. “Coverage North to South as far as Madras, and La Pine”



Dec 7th 2014: – Now @ 30′ elevation above ground.

June 26th, 2014: 

Update – Repeater is Now located on the East side of Long Butte (Thanks to John Cherry KE7GYB for hosting)

Listen Live:




Repeater PDF

Special thanks to KC7RJK for his knowledge/expertise and work on tuning/aligning the duplexer.