Broadcast Audio

Broadcast node audio

hamvoip 1.5 etc:

pacman -S libshout
pacman -S libxml2
pacman -S taglib
pacman -S lame

or for DIAL:
yum install libshout*
yum install libxml*
yum install taglib
yum install lame




go into the ezstream directory – ./configure;make;make install

cp bin/* /usr/bin/
cp share/man/man1/* /usr/share/man/man1/
cp -R /share/doc/ez* /usr/share/doc/

Create free account here –

This is just a mockup/example the sample file for this is included in the attachment

; the URL below maybe different – ;#’s are specific to your streamPW#### ; stream password –
MP3 stdin
NAME### ;whatever name –
Amateur Radio
DESCRIPTION ;description for stream

1.) Create account with
2.) Extract the attached file, and follow the instructions/script like text in the EZS file
3.) update the /etc/ezstream.xml file as noted above –
4.) run – this is part of asterisk – not in the file i’m including –

This should start the stream – it will stream the audio from your node, all of it – local/connected nodes as well – only real downside is it does have ~30sec delay –
I have occasionally had it stop working, but it’s easy to fix – if that happens, it’s a known issue with the casting program, nothing to do with asterisk.