Basic Commands

Allstar Howto

An Allstar Link Network howto:

This is a very basic howto for those who are new to Allstar. The following text & media are free for anyone to distribute, copy, improve upon etc…



*** Scripts/General Info ***


  • Almost every command is prefixed with a  ” * “
  • With Allstar multiple connections are possible up to the limit of your bandwidth, processor, and memory.
  • How to connect/disconnect nodes
  • Using the example node 27038 & 2560 (WIN system)
  • Connect by dialing *32560
  • Monitor (listen only) dial *22560
  • Disconnect one node *12560
  • Disconnect from all connected nodes *71
    • Other functions as below:
    • Time (dial) *81
    • Macros all start with *5 (a macro is simply a short cut to a longer command)
    • Autopatch where available *6+1+Area code+Number / Disconnect *0 (local calls do not need the 1+area code…
    • KC7DMF repeater I set this to: (*A+1+Area code+Number / Disconnect *D) … Also *6 and *0 work as well.